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Demodex phylloides



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Demodex phylloides
Follicle mite

General Description:
The follicle mite is about 0.25 mm long, with a cigar-shaped body and 8 stubby legs.

Life Cycle:
The life cycle is not well known, but appears to occur continuously within the hair follicles and skin oil glands of the pig. The mite undergoes incomplete metamorphosis, and the life cycle probably is completed in about 3 weeks.

Within the hair follicles and skin oil glands.

Geographical Distribution:
Widespread, but exact distribution is unknown.

The follicle mite is irritating, but is of unknown prevalence and economic significance.

Effect on Host:
Irritation from the follicle mite causes hair loss and thickened, reddened, wrinkled skin. Large abscesses usually develop in infested swine from bacterial invasion of the enlarged follicles. Infested pigs will scratch and rub. Itching may cause further damage and loss of appetite.

Diagnostic Information:

The mites may be seen by microscopic examination of deep skin scrapings.

Demodex is very difficult to eradicate. Heavily infested animals should be isolated or slaughtered, and animals with mild infestations may be repeatedly treated with the gamma isomer of benzene hexachloride or with other effective miticides.


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