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Physocephalus sexalatus



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Physocephalus sexalatus

Thick stomach worm

General Description:

Small filiform nematodes slightly red and with an oral cavity surrounded by a heavy thickening of the wall in front of a row of rings. Adults of this species reach from 6 to 22.5 mm in lenght. The eggs are thick shelled and embryonated when laid.

Life Cycle:
The eggs are passed in the feces and are ingested by beetles. The first stage larvae hatch in the intestine of the beetle and develop up to the third stage larvae which is infective for the pig. When the infected beetle is ingested by a pig, the larvae continues its development to the adult stage.

The musus layers of the stomach mucosa.

Geographical Distribution:


Cause little demage unless present in large numbers.

Effect on Host:

When present in large numbers these parasites can produce inflammation catarrhal gastritis and ulcerations.

Diagnostic Information:

Characteristic eggs in the feces or adluts in stomach at nacropsy are diagnostic.


Manure removal to eliminace coprophagous beetles.


Physocephalus: anterior end
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Physocephalus: gastritis
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