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Ascarops strongylina



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Ascarops strongylina
Thick Stomach Worm

General Description:
Adult stages of this parasite reach a length of 10-22 mm and are characterized by heavy thickening of the wall of the oral cavity in form of a spiral. The eggs are thick shelled and embryonated (each contains a larva) when laid.

Life Cycle:
The eggs are passed in the feces and are eaten by larval or adult stages of dung beetles. The infective stage of the parasite (L3) develops inside the beetle and as such is ingested by the pig with water or feed.

The parasites lie in the mucus of the stomach mucosa.

Geographical Distribution:

Cause little damage unless present in large numbers.

Effect on Host:
When present in large numbers these parasites can cause inflammation, diffuse catarrhal gastritis and ulcerations.

Diagnostic Information:
Eggs in feces or adults seen at necropsy.

Manure removal to eliminate contact with coprophagous beetles.


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