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Capillaria spp. (ruminants)



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Nematode (order Enoplida)

These parasites of  Aonchotheca (=Capillaria) spp. (A. bovis in cattle, A. longipes in sheep) were formerly included in the genus Capillaria. Camelids are also infected with Aoncotheca.  

Distribution: Worldwide.   

Host: Small intestine of ruminants and camelids.     

Life Cycle: Parasite eggs are shed from the host in manure. Infection follows ingestion of infective  eggs in the environment.           

Diagnosis: Eggs with bipolar plugs are detected by fecal fotation procedures.  Although they are similar to Trichuris (whipworm) eggs, Aonchotheca spp. eggs are smaller.  

Size: 45–50 × 22–25 µm               

Clinical features: Aonchotheca infection in ruminants is considered clinically insignifcant.   


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