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Stilesia spp.



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Distribution: Stilesia spp. is found in Europe, Africa, and Asia, while Thysanosoma spp. is  confined to North (western states) and South America. 

Host: Bile ducts of ruminants, especially sheep, and camelids.  

Life Cycle: Although these tapeworms have not been extensively studied, it is thought that their intermediate hosts may be oribatid mites. Like Moniezia, the defnitive host is infected following ingestion of the intermediate host.      

Diagnosis: Tapeworm segments are passed in the feces and eggs may be found in fecal fotation tests.       

Size: Approximately 30 × 20 µm              

Clinical features: These tapeworms have no economic importance unless they are present in  large enough numbers to cause liver condemnation.      


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