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Trichuris spp.



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Nematode (order Enoplida)           



Several species (T. ovis, T. discolor, etc.) occur in  ruminants.        

Distribution: worldwide.   

Host: cecum and colon of ruminants and camelids.               

Life Cycle: Eggs produced by adults in the large intestine are passed in the feces. After a minimum of 3 weeks in the environment, eggs reach the infective stage and can infect a host when ingested.  

Diagnosis: brown, bipolar-plugged eggs in fecal fotation  

Size: 70–80 × 30–42 µm               

Clinical features: Eggs of Trichuris are often found in ruminant fecal samples. Clinical disease (diarrhea) is rare and associated with heavy infection.                 


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