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Onchocerca gibsoni



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Onchocerca gibsoni

General Description:
Long roundworms, 30 to 60 millimeters in length.

Life Cycle:

Not completely known; indirect; the midge (Culicoides) is the intermediate host for O. gibsoni and Simulium is the intermediate host for O. gutturosa.

O. gibsoni are found in nodules under the skin, especially on the brisket and outside surfaces of hindlimbs. O. linealis are found in the cervical and femuro-tibial ligaments.

Geographical Distribution:
Widespread in the Far East, Australia, North and South Africa, Europe and USA.


Skins of infected carcasses are not suitable for sale.

Effect on Host:

Adult worms of O. gibsoni are localized under the skin. The host, in reaction to them, surrounds them with skin. This produces nodular swellings under the skin up to 5 cm in width, located especially on the brisket and the outer areas of rear limbs. O. linealis adult do not cause clinical manifestations.

Diagnostic Information:
Larvae (microfilariae) of Onchocerca may be found in tissue near nodules where adults live.

Reduce midge populations; protect animals from them.


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