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Ticks (camel)



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Tick infestations in camels
have been recognized in the Sudan.

Hyalomma m. rufipes, H. impeltatum, H. dromedarii, H. truncatum, Rhipicephalus simus and the nymphal stage of Amblyoma variegatum were reported in 1977 in Darfur State with H. dromedarii as being the most prevalent species that infests camels. H. truncatum was unexpected to feed on camels and sheep. Infestation was shown to be high during the rainy season.

Tick paralysis occurred as a sequel to heavy tick infestation and an acute outbreak of tick paralysis in camels was reported in Southern Darfur State in three different areas and reported 59% morbidity, 34.3% mortality and 42.2% recovery rates. The disease is called “Abu Eggal”.

Clinical signs included incoordination of movement, unsteady gait and recumbancy ending in death or recovery following tick removal.
Tick collected from pasture were mainly immature stages (larvae and nymph) of Hyalomma and Rhipicephalus spp. Adults collected from camels were H. rufies, R. evertsi and R. turanicus.


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