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Sarcoptes scabiei var. cameli



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The camel is exposed to and affected by different types of external parasites. Mites being the most important ones. Sarcoptic mange in camels is second to trypanosomosis in importance. Other external parasites include ticks, flies, and nasal bots.

Sarcoptic scabiei

In the Sudan camel mange is widespread. The disease affects the skin regardless of type, age or sex and is locally called “ Jarab”.

Camel mange is seasonal and is more common during winter and the rainy season. However, in the Middle East, the disease seems to peak during the summer season. In an extensive survey of the Butana area, (mid –eastern Sudan) was  reported an overall prevalence of 55.2%.

Prevalence was high during winter(59%)and the rainy season (55%) and low during the summer(43.6%).The investigation of in Rufaa’ camels in Eastern Sudan coincided with the findings of the other authors showed a severe
infestation during winter.

Diagnosis of mange is based on clinical signs, lesions and recovery and identification of mites in skin scrapings, however, the disease could be confused with ringworm and camel pox.


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