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Sarcocystis cameli



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Sarcocystis cameli

This parasite Sarcocystis cameli is the only species of the genus Sarcocystis reported from the camel. The parasite encysts in the skeletal, oesophageal and cardiac muscles.In the Sudan two types of S.cameli were described and reported a prevalence of 4.5% in Sudanese camels at postmortem using histopathological technique.

Serologically was found that 81% of the camels surveyed in Khartoum were positive for sarcocystosis. The difference in findings was probably due to the difference in methods of diagnosis used by the different investigators.

Sarcocystosis may lead to partial or total condemnation of the carcass. The pathogenic and economic significance of the disease in camels is not known at present, but it is well known that sarcocystosis may induce abortion in cattle. Moreover, encephalitis attributable to sarcocystis in goats was reported in the Sudan


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