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Lynxacarus radovskyi (cat)



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"feline lynxacariosis"

Distribution: is a quite common but to date geographically restricted (Australia, Hawaii, Florida, Texas, Brazil).

Host: parasitic dermatitis caused by the fur mite Lynxacarus radovskyi, which belongs to the family Listrophoridae.

Life cycle: remains poorly described, and this species has not been reported from hosts other than cats. Infestation typically occurs by direct contact, but fomites may be important for transmission.

Diagnosis: is based on visualization of mites (0.5 mm long) using a magnifying glass or on isolation of any parasitic stage in skin scrapings or acetate tape preparations.

Clinical features: include a salt and pepper appearance of the haircoat, variable pruritis, and alopecia.

Control: with acaricidal sprays, weekly lime-sulfur dips, and ivermectin (300 μg/kg, SC) are effective. The only case of contagion to humans that has been reported involved a transient rash in an owner with a heavily infested cat.


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