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Hyalomma dromedarii



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Hard-bodied ticks belonging to the family Ixodidae.

Distribution: North Africa, the northern regions of West, Central, and East Africa, Arabia, Asia Minor, the Middle East, and Central and South Asia

Host: This species is closely associated with camels, that are the main hosts of the adults, which may also parasitize other domestic animals. Nymphs and larvae are associated with the same hosts, but can also parasitize rodents, hedgehogs and birds.

Diagnosis: By morphological investigation of  dorsal shield of males you can reach a length of 3.7–5.78 millimetres (0.146–0.228 in). These hard-bodied ticks are broadly oval in shape.The basic color is yellow- to red-brown.

Clinical features: The bites cause the surrounding tissue to die and become necrotic. The dead tissue falls out of the body after a few days. The wounds look very serious, but usually heal without any intervention and do not generally become infected any further.

This species is ascribed with spreading the virus that causes the life-threatening Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever.


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