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Strongylus edentatus



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Large strongyles with length 1.5-4 cm; greyish-red worms with well developed buccal capsule in its base with no tooth-like inside projections.


In fresh carcasses, worms are found attached to the mucosa of the caecum and colon, they feed on mucosal epithelium and suck blood.

Life cycle:

Strongylus edentatus L3 travel to the liver via the portal vein (3rd moult); after some 8 weeks of migration in the liver parenchyma, L4 travel via hepatic ligaments to the subserosa of the gut wall (including also the ileum) and parietal peritoneum causing hemorrhagic nodules (4th moult); young adult worms form nodules in the gut wall before they retum into the lumen of the large intestine, and mature by about 11 months p.i.


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