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Skrjabinema spp.



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Nematode (order Oxyurida)


Distribution: worldwide 

Host: Cecum of sheep, goats, some wild ruminant species, and some camelids.  Skrjabinema ovis, Skrjabinema alata

Life Cycle:  Direct life cycle in cecum. Female worms deposit eggs contain larvae on the perianal skin. Eggs  and are deposited by adult females on skin surrounding the anus. Prepatent period is about 25 days.  

Clinical features:  Clinically insignificant. Not harmful but may be mistaken for other important nematodes such as Oesophagostomum columbianum.

Diagnosis: Small nematodes, 3 to 8 mm in length. Eggs containing larvae may be found in skin surrounding anus. Eggs are rarely seen in routine fecal exams as they are not deposited in feces.


Size: 47–63 × 27–36 µm        

None recommended.


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