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neglected tropical diseases (NTDs)

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The group of parasitic and bacterial diseases that cause substantial illness for more than one billion people globally. Affecting the world's poorest people, NTDs impair physical and cognitive development, contribute to mother and child illness and death, make it difficult to farm or earn a living, and limit productivity in the workplace. As a result, NTDs trap the poor in a cycle of poverty and disease:

    * Buruli ulcer
    * Chagas disease
    * Cysticercosis
    * Dengue fever
    * Dracunculosis (Guinea Worm Disease)*
    * Echinococcosis
    * Fascioliosis
    * Human African Trypanosomosis (African Sleeping Sickness)
    * Leishmaniosis

    * Leprosy (Hansen's disease)
    * Lymphatic filariosis*
    * Onchocercosis*
    * Rabies
    * Schistosomosis*
    * Soil-transmitted Helminths (STH) (Ascaris, hookworm, and whipworm)*
    * Trachoma*
    * Yaws

* Disease is controllable by mass drug administration (MDA) or effective intervention

    * 100% of low-income countries are affected by at least five neglected tropical diseases simultaneously
    * Worldwide, 149 countries and territories are affected by at least one neglected tropical disease (NTD)
    * Neglected tropical diseases kill an estimated 534,000 people worldwide every year
    * Individuals are often affected with more than one parasite or infection
    * Treatment cost for most NTD mass drug administration programs is estimated at less than US fifty cents per person, per year

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