Atlas of foodborne infections
transmitted by contaminated food and water

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CZ: sarkocysty
EN: sarcocysts



Foodborne Disease:
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intestinal sarcocystosis = humans serve as the definitive hosts, infections are often asymptomatic and clear spontaneously. Occasionally, mild fever, diarrhea, chills, vomiting and respiratory problems may occur. 

When humans become infected with sarcocysts of „non-human species“, the infections are not intestinal but rather result in muscle cysts. Symptoms such as myalgia, muscle weakness and transitory edema may occur.  In these cases, humans are dead-end intermediate hosts.

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Sarcocystis hominis and S. suihominis use humans as definitive hosts and are responsible for intestinal sarcocystosis in the human host. 

Humans may also become dead-end hosts for  "non-human Sarcocystis spp." after the accidental ingestion of oocysts. Worldwide, but more common in areas where livestock is raised.


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