Atlas of foodborne infections
transmitted by contaminated food and water

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Moniliella acetoabutans

CZ: Plíse? octová
EN: M. acetoabutans



Foodborne Disease:
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Unsuitable for sale

Nevhodné k prodeji

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Spoilage of mayonnaise based seafood sauce by the mould M. acetoabutans (fig.1). This mould (the vinegar mould, fig.2) is able to tolerate low pH values and high concentrations of ethanoic acid. The source is usually infected vinegar. In this example the mould colony is just visible (arrowed) on the surface of the sauce.


Plíse? M. acetoabutans na zka?ené majonézové omá?ce z mo?ských plod? (obr.1). Tato plíse? (plíse? octová, obr.2) toleruje nízké hodnoty pH a vysoké koncentrace kyseliny octové. Zdrojem bývá infikovaný ocet. V tomto p?ípad? je r?st plísn? patrný pouze na povrchu omá?ky.


Spoilage of mayonnaise by M. acetobutans
Source: 1.
Moniliella acetobutans
Source: 2.

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