Atlas of foodborne infections
transmitted by contaminated food and water

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CZ: Zrnokazovití
EN: Been weevils

Fruits and Vegetables


Foodborne Disease:
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Unsuitable for sale

Nevhodné k prodeji

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A severe infestations of red kidney beans by Bruchidae (bean weevils) (fig.2). An infestation of this severity is rare and indicates a complete breakdown of infestation control procedures. Note the distinctive circular holes in the beans (fig.1). The insects themselves are in this example dead (fig.1,3).


Vá?né zamo?ení fazolí brouky ?eledi Bruchidae (Zrnokazovití)(obr.2). Zamo?ení takového rozsahu je ojedin?lé a ukazuje na celkové selhání kontrolních postup?. Všimn?te si z?etelných kulatých d?r ve fazolích (obr.1). Samotný hmyz je v tomto p?ípad? ji? mrtvý (obr.1,3).


Infestation of beens by been Weevils
Source: 1.
Beatles Bruchidea
Source: 2.
Dead Bruchidea
Source: 3.

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