Atlas of foodborne infections
transmitted by contaminated food and water

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Other viruses

CZ: Dal?í druhy vir? p?ená?ených potravinami
EN: Other viruses

Meat and Meat Products
Water and Beverages


Foodborne Disease:
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There are many other groups of enteric and gastroenteritis-causing viruses, but these are reported to be associated with foods either infrequently or not at all.


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Picornaviruses other than hepatitis A can also be transmitted by the food-borne route.

Polioviruses are transmitted by food but virulent strains of this agent are now extremely rare.

Coxsackie virus and echovirus (also members of the picornavirus family) have been associated with food-borne outbreaks, but data are limited.

Hepatitis E has been linked to a number of water-borne outbreaks but there has been no association with food.

One food-borne outbreak of parvovirus was reported, linked to consumption of cockles.


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