Atlas of foodborne infections
transmitted by contaminated food and water

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Kakothrips robustus

CZ: T?ásn?nka hrachová
EN: Pea thrips



Foodborne Disease:
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Nevhodné k prodeji

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Damage to peas in pod by pea thrips (fig.2, 3). Eggs of the pea thrip are laid in the flower and the larvae tunnel into the developing pod and hence the young pea (fig.1). Typically as this example, the infestation and resultant damage is evident only on shelling the pod. Note in the close-up illustration insect excreta (arrowed A) and secondary mould growth (arrowed B). A larva in an affected pod is shown.


T?ásn?nka hrachová v luscích hrachu (obr.2, 3). T?ásn?nky kladou vají?ka ji? do kv?tu, larvy si poté vrtají tunely do rozvíjejícího se lusku, a? nakonec napadají mladý hrách (obr.1). Typicky, jako je to i v tomto p?ípad? lze napadení a poni?ení vid?t a? p?i loupání hrachu. Všimn?te si exktery hmyzu vyzna?ené šipkou A a sekundárn? vyvinutou plíse? vyzna?enou šipkou B. Lze vid?t i larvy v napadeném hrachu.



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